PdaNet for Android

PdaNet for Android 5.23

Share the Internet connection form an Android device to the PC

Use the cellular data from your smartphone or tablet to connect to the Internet from your computer. The tool works by connecting the mobile to the PC with a USB cable as well as wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth. It requires the corresponding application installed on the Android handset.

PdaNet has become one of the top 10 Android applications of all time. At just one click, PdaNet instantly shares the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer. It does NOT require root access or hacking your phone's firmware. It works on all Android phones.

PdaNet supports both USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN. Your phone can connect to the data service, WiFi, or even through VPN and PdaNet will share it with your computer. It is capable of handling download speed of well above 35Mbps (35000kbps) over USB and is the fastest tethering software available for Android

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